Car Insurance for Hearing Impaired Drivers: Avoid Discrimination

Many people think that car insurance for hearing impaired drivers is going to automatically be more. However, under the Americans with Disabilities Act your insurance company cannot raise your insurance policy price unless they have significant evidence to prove you are a high risk driver. The easiest way to avoid this classification is to provide evidence that you are a good driver. Consider the following options.

Take a Driver’s Education Class

These classes will help you prepare for driving in the real world. You learn from a certified instructor who will guide you through the appropriate curriculum. Passing the class with a high grade is critical. The instructor can provide you with a reference that you are a good driver and that your hearing impairment doesn’t limit your ability to drive.

Get a Doctor’s Letter

Consult your doctor to see if he will provide a letter stating your condition and the fact that your impairment does not affect your daily living activities. If you have a cochlear implant the doctor should detail how good your hearing is with this device. Submit the letter to the company offering car insurance for hearing impaired drivers. The company should take this into account when determining what your rates will be. Check our Zip Code Box to get fast quotes for any State.

Bundle with Someone Else

Bundling your car insurance for hearing impaired drivers policy with someone else could lower your rates. For example, you can bundle with your parents to see if you get a lower rate on your policy. In many cases being added as a driver is cheaper than taking out your only policy. Call your insurance specialist if this option would be cheaper.

Shop Around for Lower Quotes

There are literally thousands of car insurance companies in the US today. Each company offers different rules, rates, and exclusions. You can go online and enter your zip code to find companies that cover the area you live in. Apply with these companies to see which policy is cheapest and best. You can also contact a broker to obtain quotes for car insurance for hearing impaired drivers.

Brokers make deals with many different companies and can offer you several quotes at one. You can then compare these quotes to see which one best matches your budget and needs. This can save you a lot of time if you are in a hurry to compare several quotes.

Look for Companies that Work With Disabled Individuals

There are actually several companies that work directly with individuals who are disabled. These companies understand the difficulty of getting insurance when you have an impairment. In most cases you can find these companies online like our website. It is very easy.

If you have a case worker or advocate you may ask for a list of companies that offer car insurance for hearing impaired individuals. These people can probably point you in the right direction for finding affordable car insurance. If not you can always call around and ask companies if they offer anything special for disabled individuals.

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