New Jersey Car Insurance for Advanced Drivers: Who is Covered?

cheap-New-Jersey-car-insuranceIt seems like whenever you own a car, the issue comes up that someone needs to borrow or drive your car. Maybe you have roommates in Newark, who always want to run to the store. The other example is a family member who temporarily needs help with a car.

This can be a touchy subject if you don’t know the rules of your car insurance. After all, you don’t want to worry that the person is going to wreck your car and leave you holding the bag. Consider the following options about car insurance for advanced drivers.

Does the Person Have Auto Insurance?

Many people carry a New Jersey insurance policy that covers them in any car they drive. This means that if they wreck your car you won’t get in trouble or be responsible for fixing the other person’s car. However, most individual policies for someone to drive any car are only liability coverage.

Therefore, if the person is in an at-fault incident there will be no car insurance for advanced driver’s coverage to repair or replace your car. You will be left without a car and the only way to make the person pay is to sue them for the cost of your vehicle.

Does Your Full Coverage policy Work?

With some companies your full coverage, or comprehensive coverage, will cover any driver who drives your car. You can lend your car to anyone you want knowing that if they are in an accident your full coverage insurance policy will cover everything. However, some full coverage policies only cover the people listed on the policy and the vehicles that are listed. You will have to call your insurance company to find out what their policy is for car insurance for advanced drivers.

Can You Add Someone To Your Policy?

One of the easiest ways to ensure your advanced driver is covered is to add them to your policy. You can call the insurance company and add another driver to your policy. You will need to know the person’s driver’s license number and social security number in most cases. Keep in mind that the company will check this person’s credit score and driving record before adding them to the policy. Your rates could increase if the person has several tickets or really bad credit. Make sure you know the person’s history before adding them.

Get a New car Insurance for Advanced Drivers Policy

There are many companies that offer car insurance for advanced drivers. You can search online by your zip code for these companies from Jersey City to Elizabeth and beyond. Compare the rates of several companies before you make a final decision from the top of this page. Luckily when you apply online you can get quotes in five minutes so it is easy to compare many different companies.

Explain to the company that you are the primary driver and that the other person drives the car on occasion. In most cases the company can put the insurance in your name and add the other person as an advanced driver rather than a primary driver.

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