Cheapest Car Insurance for Minors: What Are the Options?

Most parents dread the day when their little angel goes from a baby to a teenager driving. The thought of your child on the road is scary. However, the thought of your insurance premiums going through the roof may be even scarier. Luckily, there are options for parents in search of car insurance for a minor. You don’t have to settle for high rates. After all you will have enough stress handing over the keys. Consider the following options for affordable car insurance for teenagers.

Shop Around for Lower Rates

The first step in finding cheap car insurance for a minor is to shop around. You may find that rates are much lower than you thought. The easiest option is to shop by your zip code. You probably want a company that is local and has local insurance adjusters in case there is an accident.

However, you may also find local brokers that can be the mediator between you and larger companies. These brokers work with insurance companies to offer great rates. In addition, they can offer you a comparison of several different companies. In your search for car insurance for a minor this may be your best option.

Combined Policies or Separate Policies

You also have the choice to combine your car insurance policy with your teenager or to purchase separate car insurance for a minor policy. Compare both options to see which one offers the best rates. In most cases the combined policy will offer lower premiums. If you want your teenager to learn responsibility and pay for their own insurance a separate policy may be the way to go.

Ask For Discounts on Insurance Rates

There are several companies that offer discounts for minors. If the teenager has good grades, has passed a driver’s education course, or is a member of many different honor or recognition group they may qualify for cheaper insurance. Some companies actually decrease the premium based on the grades of the student. If the students grades go down the premium goes up. This is a great way to motivate teenagers to raise their grades from New York to California.

Picking Out Your Minors Car

If you are buying your minor a car there are several things to consider. You probably don’t want to buy a sports car or a classic car. These vehicles have higher insurance rates than older cars or family type vehicles. Instead of a vehicle that stands out you really need a vehicle that blends in.

Comprehensive and Liability Insurance

When you are considering car insurance for a minor you may want to go for comprehensive coverage. Many teenagers get into wrecks during their first few months of driving. If you don’t want to pay for replacing a vehicle comprehensive coverage is your best option. The option is here to check this above for lower rates on auto insurance coverage. You can insert your Zip Code above in the Box and get instant quotes.

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