Motorists with Bad Driving Habits find Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Bad-Driving-Habits-Lower-Auto-InsuranceOur article for today is focusing on Drivers with bad driving habits. Our goal is to help you eliminate these poor habits so your car insurance rates will not be increased. The typical bad driving habits will cause accidents as well as increase your insurance premiums. The mandate of many states is to confront these bad driving habits with stiff fines and penalties.

Texting While Driving Increases Chances of Auto Accidents

We have researched this subject and heard Motorists confess to some bad driving practices. The cheaper car insurance quotes agency heard too many confessions on how many people wish to indulge in texting while driving. Our team found this research to be very disturbing to hear. This bad habit of texting while driving is one of the most dangerous actions while on the highways. These Drivers are hard to avoid at times and have proven to increase our chances of perilous car accidents.

The List of Most Dangerous Driving Habits

  • Drivers who make excessive lane changes
  • Motorist who are talking on their cell phone
  • Listening to extremely loud music or talk radio which angers you
  • People who tailgate and try to prevent Safe Drivers using turn signals to change lanes
  • Eating large foods which are a distraction
  • Reading while driving and not focusing on the other Vehicles

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Our staff found a study which reported that over 30 million Americans have confessed to drunken driving during the earlier 12 months. Also in excess of 10 million American Drivers tell researchers that they drove while taking illegal drugs. These statistics originated from the investigation of poor driving habits between the years of 2006 and 2009. This is equating to more than r 15% of drivers who have gotten in the driver’s seat while being drunk. This is also troubling to state statistics that as much as 5% of motorists drive while taking illegal drug substances.

Collisions due to Teen Drivers without Experience

Teenage drivers have been involved in an alarmingly high amount of auto accidents. This is one of the main reasons that teens have to do extensive searching online for cheaper car insurance quotes. More and more teens have been involved in car accidents due to texting while driving. This age group of teens who have minimal experience of driving can’t react as quickly if they are texting behind the wheel. This has become a major concern with the results being deadly collisions.

Admitting that you have Bad Driving Habits

We do see a ray of hope as this team of researchers believes that because more Drivers have acknowledged their poor driving habits. The drivers who persist with bad driving habits will more than likely get hit with the higher auto insurance rates. This is not the predicament that Drivers want to find themselves in whether you live in New York or Alabama.

Bad Drivers Comparing Rates Online for Discounts

We want to save you time so that Motorists with Bad Driving Habits find Lower Auto Insurance Premiums online from New York to Alabama and beyond. The Bad Drivers can find quotes in a few minutes by adding your zip code to the Box at top of our site. Whether you have bad driving habits or are a good driver, you can get various Auto Insurance companies to bid for your business.


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