Savings and Responsibility: Car Insurance for Additional Drivers

Young adults at home that drive the family automobile are considered additional drivers. Companies that have more than one driver for a company vehicle are also considered an additional driver. Insurance carriers consider relatives or friends who wish to borrow a covered person’s car for a specific amount of time an additional driver on their car. All these additional drivers may have to pay extra to be added to a policy or they may have to pay for their own policy to cover car insurance for additional drivers.

Family Automobile

When a family has young adults that drive their family automobile they must consider what type of insurance needs to be obtained. There are two ways to go pertaining to young adult car insurance for additional drivers. Parents need to help their young adult decide which one is best for the entire family.

One way is to add the young adult to the parent’s policy for an increased rate of premium. Another way is to let the young adult get their own insurance policy to cover being an additional driver on the family automobile. Of the two, the first one is usually the cheapest way to go for a young adult.

Company Car

A car insurance carrier who offers different types of car insurance may also offer car insurance for additional drivers. These drivers may or may not own their own vehicle. They could be employed and are driving the company car as well as their own. In this case the individual may want to take out additional coverage with their own car insurance company. Often times their company pays for the additional coverage.

Family and Friends

Do not think that family and friends who wish to borrow your for awhile are automatically covered on your car insurance. Your car insurance company may ask that you add them on to your policy for the amount of time that they will be driving your car. The insurance will charge a certain rate for your family and friends to be added to your car insurance. It is up to you who will pay the extra amount of car insurance for additional drivers.

Your Local Zip Code

Your local zip code can help to get you awesome money saving car insurance estimates online. Our Web page is designed for zip code input that will help in your additional driver insurance search. All you have to do is input all of your personal information along with the additional driver’s information and car insurance that fits what you need will appear.

Determining Risk

Car insurance companies determine whether additional drivers are going to be a risk or not on your car insurance. They look to see how stable the person is who will be an additional driver. Checking credit scores is not uncommon for a car insurance company to make a determination. A person’s profession can also be involved in determining stability of and additional driver.

Everyone that is considered an additional driver on your car insurance for additional drivers will be scrutinized by your insurance company. They will look at several things about these additional drivers. Their driving record is at the forefront of what they will be looking at. Additional drivers who have excessive tickets and at-fault accidents on their record will make your insurance rate go up. The Zip Code Box on this page will get you numerous quotes to compare for cheap car insurance rates.


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