Tips & Facts About Cheap Car Insurance for School Bus Drivers

Car insurance for school bus driver is similar to a regular insurance policy in many ways. However we see that in most cases the school that the bus drivers are employed through, will supply the auto insurance coverage for the driver and the vehicle. These schools will also want the cheaper car insurance quotes whenever possible.

A Good Driving Record for Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes

If the driver has a good driving record, without any citations, there is a good chance that car insurance for school bus driver could be discounted. As with any insurance policy, a clean driving record, means lower insurance rates, and possibly cash back bonuses.

  • Speeding tickets
  • OVI / DUI Offenses
  • Reckless Operation
  • Traffic violations

If a driver had avoided the following offensive, there is a good chance that securing car insurance for a school bus driver, will be easy. As stated before, in most instances the school that employs the driver normally carries the insurance policy, but having a flawless driving record, will make getting car insurance easy and affordable.

Be A Safe Driver: Know School Bus Laws

To save you money and cut your chances of being cited for a traffic violation involving a school bus, here are some tips to keep in mind when you cross paths with one of the big yellow giants.

  • Stay back. The correct distance is 20 feet, or one-and-a-half car lengths behind a school bus when stopping. If you stop in the opposite lane facing a school bus, the distance is the same.
  • Pay attention. Children are taught rules for bus safety, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always follow them. They could run out into the road at any time, so be attentive when stopping for a school bus.
  • Drive slow. In school zones, around school buses, and during the before and after school commute, it’s important that you drive with caution and watch for crossing guards, kids crossing into traffic at the wrong time, and other dangers.
  • NEVER pass a school bus when it is stopped. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also illegal, and school bus drivers can report you for the violation.

When it comes to four-lane roads, many people are confused about the laws regarding school buses. If you are traveling the same direction as the school bus on a four lane road, you are required to stop when the bus does. However, if you are in the two opposite lanes, you are not required to stop for school buses on a four-lane road. Also, you don’t have to stop when a school bus approaches a railroad crossing if you are coming from the opposite direction.


Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll help keep school buses safe, and save yourself a traffic ticket in the end. Part of saving money on auto insurance is being a safe and responsible driver, and these tips should help you to do just that. School Bus Drivers and other Motorists can get cheap car insurance quotes today on this website.


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