Find The Cheaper Car Insurance For Dump Trucks

cheapest-car-insurance-dump-trucksDump trucks are commercial vehicles that perform specific tasks during the course of the work day. They are very handy to have in many different business types across multiple industries. Many companies find them to be indispensable, as valuable as any of their best employees. Since these trucks are so important to the success of your business, it follows that you would want to protect them as best you can with a solid auto insurance policy that covers all bases. This is one reason why it may be important to find the right, cheapest car insurance for dump trucks. Most car insurance companies will combine policies to insure you will get the best possible prices available.

Cheaper Commercial Insurance Policy

If a dump truck is owned by a business such as a commercial trucking company, full coverage commercial auto insurance is a good idea. But if a dump truck is leased to another trucking company, the company leasing the vehicle from its owner sometimes provides liability insurance while it is being used on the job site.

But even with this being the case, the owner of the dump truck will still need to take care of physical damage coverage for the vehicle, insurance protection that covers the dump truck in collisions and other claim circumstances. The dump truck owner is often also still responsible for providing liability insurance while the vehicle is being transported to and from the job site.

A Clean Driving Record Could Save You Money

Just as in the personal auto insurance realms, a clean driving record will go a long way toward lower premiums. The record of each one of the dump truck’s listed drivers will be considered when calculating the overall premiums. The age and number of years each driver has been employed with the company will also be considered. It may also be prudent to employ all safety mechanisms that can lead to a reduction in annual premiums. Not only will these features make the dump trucks less of a threat on the open road, but they will make the trucks less of a burden on the wallet with each cheap insurance payment.

Extra Insurance For Cargo and Damage

Several elements contribute to the full definition of physical damage coverage. Collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, fire insurance, and theft insurance all fall under the auspices of physical damage insurance.

  • Collision insurance covers damages that affect the dump truck and may be caused by scenarios such as collisions (hence the name) and rollovers. Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, animals, and foreign objects on the road. A specialized form of fire and theft insurance comes with combined additional coverage (CAC), covering not only fire and theft, but a host of other natural phenomena such as lightning, flooding, earthquakes, and windstorms. CAC can also be invoked if a towing system on which the dump truck is being transported gets stuck or damaged.
  • Insuring the cargo moved by dump trucks is not mandated by law, but it is a practical necessity for business owners. The type of cargo being transported, and where it is being hauled, will affect the premiums. The more expensive or dangerous the cargo, the higher the rates will be, and the greater the need for such protections. If a business owner is in possession of several dump trucks, he may be eligible for fleet insurance. Insuring the dump trucks as a group, instead of individually, will likely have cost saving benefits.

Buy Cheaper Car Insurance Online

Using an on-line car insurance rate quote comparison tool to find the best policy for your trucking business is sure to yield a wide range of results. These results will quickly justify all the time you spend answering the questions that insurance companies must ask in order to produce accurate insurance quotes for dump trucks. By answering the questions as fully as possible and not leaving out anything—especially all the safety mechanisms that will qualify you for discounts—you will be on your way to finding the best and affordable car insurance for your dump trucks. Compare dump truck insurance quotes today!



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