Find Discounted Car Insurance For Disabled Veterans

We, as a Nation, honor our disabled veterans, and finding quality cheaper car insurance for disabled veterans doesn’t have to be stressful. A minority of people who are not able-bodied like the average driver require disability car insurance. If you are among the ranks, you deserve to maintain your independence like any other adult. You can get a comprehensive plan that suits your individual needs with a few clicks.

The average person does not have a problem with disabled drivers on the road. Many trust the driver’s vehicle has equipment that makes it possible to be a capable and responsible driver. The auto industry makes it possible for disabled veterans, by equipping vehicles with its latest advances in van manufacturing.

Disability Car Insurance Features

Candidates for policies have to disclose health restrictions in addition to vehicle modifications at the time they receive the quote. If policyholders file a claim they will not be able to recover damages to the vehicle unless the modifications were declared up front. Still, replacement parts may be factory standards as opposed to any customized purchases.

Every state requires minimum coverage amounts of coverage. Disabled Veterans must adhere to them as able-bodied drivers. Although there are differences most states require an average of:

 $25,000 for bodily injury or property damage
 $50,000 for total damages in one occurrence
 $25,000 for collision

Anything over and above that amount is up to the prospective policyholder. Plans vary between companies as well. It may not be a bad idea to make sure you have 24 hour road coverage and rental car replacement coverage. Some disabled veterans, have standard cars but sometimes have caretakers drive them around. In these cases they require the caretaker be added to the disability car insurance policy. They generally have to take the caretakers driving record into consideration as in a commercial policy set up.

Don’t Allow Discrimination When Purchasing Car Insurance For Disabled Veterans

Many companies are jacking up premiums on disabled drivers. They consider disabled drivers to be high risk. They justify premium increases for vehicle modifications and risk factors. Some are not above denying coverage all together. Loopholes in the law help carriers to justify their decisions to deny some disabled applicants. Some organizations like the American Driving School offer courses to drivers with disabilities. There are several other organizations that are geared to help the disabled in their community with maintaining mobility. Our website will get you quality quotes for Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes in just minutes.

Savings & Discounts on Car Insurance

Disability car insurance applicants are eligible for just as many savings as any other type of vehicle insurance applicant. Here is where you can boast your clean driving record and credit report. Your zip code is going to have a huge impact, but the hand controls, accessibility ramp and other accessories may add to your policy rather than subtract. To counter the increase however, other safety and security features are taken into consideration.

Certain wheelchair accessible vehicles are manufactured for this purpose and therefore do not require extra modifications. There are several Automotive Manufacturers that produce vehicles already equipped to accommodate wheelchair drivers and riders. With the advancement in technology, many new vans are being manufactured to assist disabled Veterans.

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