Everything You Need to Know about Car Insurance for Kit Cars


Building your own kit car from scratch can be worlds of fun for the person who enjoys great looking, fast moving cars. Kit car builders assemble their own cars with pieces that they have bought from vintage and collectible auto part dealers.

These parts are usually expensive and therefore a kit car will require car insurance for kit cars, after it has been built. There are many car insurance companies that sign up these types of kit car policies and for some companies, kit car insurance is their specialty.

Cons of Insuring Kit Cars

One drawback when trying to purchase car insurance for kit cars is that a kit car is very lightweight and it runs a lot faster than a normal vehicle. When car insurance companies think of speed, they think of accidents. Accidents cost car insurance companies money so therefore kit car insurance is a harder type of auto insurance to get.

Cheap Replica Car Insurance

Another reason it is hard to get car insurance that covers kit cars is that these types of cars may not contain all of the safety features that a car insurance company thinks they should have. The lack of crumple zones on these cars that can take a high-impact hit and owners of these cars not always including airbags or anti-lock brakes in their car construction affects them obtaining car insurance.

Finding Auto Insurance for Kit Cars

Checking with an owner’s regular car insurance company is the first thing a kit car owner needs to do when looking for car insurance for kit cars that they have built. Their regular car insurance company may have insurance that will cover a kit car and the owner may be able to get extra discounts because it is their regular car insurance company.

The second place an owner can search for car insurance for kit cars is on their personal computer. There are several websites online that offer multiple quotes from different car insurance companies. Owners will be asked for their zip code and other information so that the website will know where to start the search for kit car insurance for them.  Our Cheap Car Insurance Quote website can provide online quotes using the form at the top of the page to get numerous free quotes from several car insurance companies.

Legit Automobile Insurance

Because kit cars are so costly to build, a kit car owner will want to make sure that they are getting the right insurance for their kit car. They need to find out all there is to know about the cheap car insurance companies that they are considering to insure their kit cars.

Kit Car Insurance For Your Hobby Car

An owner needs to ascertain how long an insurance company has been in business. They do not want to choose an insurance company that is considered fly by night. These types of specialty car insurance companies may take the high insurance premiums from an owner for their kit car and when an accident happens they are unable to pay off.

Asking around about the car insurance that they are thinking of choosing would also not be a bad idea.  Look for companies online and ask them for advice on what your options are. Even companies that do not offer car insurance for kit cars may be able to point you in the right direction.

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