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The majority of Insurance Companies depend on the ratings found for each Motorist. These types of ratings are what will be used by Car Insurance companies to determine the premiums. Most Auto insurance companies use the ratings to determine the possibility of a driver being risky or safe. The Drivers considered as high-risk usually are involved in multiple accidents.

Safe Drivers Save On Insurance Premiums

These Companies recognize that medical expenses, property damages and all associated costs will likely be paid by the insurers. Consequently Auto Insurance Companies will adjust their rates to be paid by said high-risk drivers. These premiums are made to reflect the amount of risk that the driver signifies. A person regarded as high-risk will continually pay more in insurance premiums than the safe Driver.

Car Insurance Companies with Lower Rates

There are various ways insurance ratings are assessed for drivers with factors ranging from age to Zip Codes. The parameters used by Auto Insurance Companies will end up labeling some drivers as high-risk.  Our Staff does intend to assist high risk drivers to get out of that situation from Wisconsin to Washington.

How do Motorists wind up in the high-risk category

The word “high-risk” is treated differently by various Companies. Using the same criteria, a person may be regarded a high-risk by one insurance company and not by another. The insurer will then likely increase the quotes on these drivers.

The driving record of an individual is one of the things used in classifying one as high-risk or not. If a driving history reveals few violations and accidents, the driver will not be regarded as high-risk. Many of the points depend on the reasons for which they were received. For example, a 6-point ticket issued for speeding is not the same as a 1-point ticket for not obeying traffic signals.

Many other issues affect a driver’s rating. We see drivers who had their policies canceled because of non-payment or too many late payments will be affected as well. These factors do not have the same effect as your driving history but will still do damage in affecting the ratings.

The effects of being perceived as a high-risk driver

Car insurance premiums increase significantly as soon as a driver is classified as a high-risk driver or non-standard. The “non-standard” label is that the risk rating of the driver is more than that of the average driver. A driver moved to the non-standard category should expect to pay about 15% more than the normal premium. This also depends on the auto insurance company.

The non-standard label assumes that the driver has minor infractions. In the case of the high-risk driver, the premium can be expected to be more. In most cases, the premium can go as high as three times what the standard rating drivers pay.

High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes Online For DUI Offenders

If you have a poor driving history full of DUI cases, speeding, careless driving, etc., many insurers will not be willing to sell you any insurance coverage.  However, you can still find groups that are committed to providing insurance coverage for people in that category. These Motorists ought to be prepared to pay higher rates.

Try to improve your Insurance Rating

It can take time to be moved back to the low-risk category from the high-risk label. You will need patience and determination to clear your bad record. Immediately start to drive safely and minimize traffic violations. You also have to pay all premiums when due. Even though you think you are a High-risk driver, get quotes now using our Zip Code Box on this page.


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