Disabled Drivers and Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes Online

Disabled-Drivers-Cheaper-Insurance-Quotes-HoustonWhat Anyone with disabilities should know about car insurance for disabled drivers

Disabled driver and family members should avoid simply picking up the phone and getting in touch with some of the big players when they arrange or renew their insurance policies. They could instead look for companies who understand their specific needs. Some of the specific things to look out for in choosing a policy are the following.

  •  Adaptation Cover: It’s often the case that the adaptations made to your car are almost as valuable as the vehicle itself. Yet many policies will only cover the vehicle. It would therefore be more than worth your while to find a policy that will cover adaptation on a ‘new for old’ basis in case your vehicle is written off. Some policies will also provide cover against damage to, or technical problems with, adaptations.
  •  Mobility Insurance: Sourcing a new vehicle and fitting it with adaptations can be a time consuming process. It can be extremely frustrating to wait for this to happen if your vehicle is being replaced after an accident. The fact that many disabled drivers are unable to use the ‘courtesy vehicles’ provided by large insurance companies just deepens this frustration. It’s therefore best to choose a policy that guarantees continued mobility. This can take the form of paying for a taxi or other form of transport, or the provision of a modified courtesy vehicle for as long as is necessary.
  •  Equipment and Liability Insurance: It’s often the case that a vehicle and even the adaptations are insured but that special equipment doesn’t form part of the policy. This means that if a car is wrecked with a wheelchair on the roof, the car might be covered but the wheelchair is not. This is obviously a highly unsatisfactory situation and you would do well to check whether equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks or equipment for disabled motorists can be included in the policy.

Get All The Facts, before You Sign The Line

It should be clear that finding reliable car insurance for handicapped drivers can sometimes be very difficult and complex. It could therefore, be worthwhile to get the best possible advice before taking out a policy. This could be done through contacting disability charities (some of whom may already have special arrangements with certain insurance companies) or a broker specializing in arranging insurance cover for disabled drivers. Finally, before accepting a quote you should make sure that your requirements have been met and that the price is the best that that can be achieved.

Why Buy Auto Insurance Coverage Online?

Online car insurance websites can also help disabled drivers to find lower rates. Reputable websites will not ask about a driver’s handicap or even inquire as to the handicap status of the driver. Instead, car insurance websites will ask questions about your vehicle and driving record to determine how much of an insurance risk that you pose, and this information will be submitted to car insurance companies in order to return a few quotes.

Discount Rates Online for Disabled Drivers from Houston to Chicago

These websites make it easy to look at your insurance options, which in turn, can help a driver to find a better policy than what he or she currently has. Always take the time to compare car insurance quotes. disabled drivers and all other drivers can benefit from this, as it is the best possible way to keep rates down.

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