Cheapest Car Insurance for Nannies: Meeting Their Coverage Needs


Nannies take care of other people’s children while their parents are at work or school. Sometimes they even take care of them while a parent is having a night out with their better half, friends, or family. A nanny has an enormous responsibility to keep our child or children that are in their charge safe and all secure. Some nannies live within their employer’s family home and others commute and live in their own homes. No matter where they live, they will require car insurance for nannies.

Employers Insurance Policy

If a nanny lives with their employer and drives their vehicle, they may be able to be added to the family’s policy for an additional price. As a live in nanny, you might want to consider this possibility. It will save you more money than if you were to get your own policy. Your employer may offer to pay the additional price on their car insurance premium as part of your salary.

Child Insurance Coverage

For the individual that has to drive to their employer’s home to work as a nanny, good car insurance is needed. Nannies usually have to transport the child or children in their care to school as well sporting events and other activities. Car insurance for nannies, that provides this type of care, should cover all children that are being transported.

Maintaining a Decent Record

Nannies must maintain a decent driving record. Their employer will require one to drive their children around their community. Another reason to keep a decent driving record is to get a discount on car insurance for nannies. They will save a percentage off of their monthly premium for having a decent driving record.

Speeding tickets, tickets for no car insurance, and too many car wrecks can affect a nannie’s driving record. Their insurance premiums could really increase if any of these occur. To avoid possible collisions a nanny should drive defensively. They should also watch their speedometer at all times and keep current insurance to avoid a ticket and points on their license.

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Saving Now or Later with Cheapest Car Insurance for Nannies

A nanny must make a decision when obtaining car insurance about whether they want a savings now or a savings later if they are involved in an automobile accident. Lower insurance deductibles mean that a nanny will pay a larger premium each month on their car insurance. A higher insurance deductible will mean that a nanny will pay a smaller premium each month.

Savings will come monthly with higher deductibles for most insurance agencies. Cheapest Car Insurance quotes will come with a lower deductible if you choose that method of coverage. It will depend upon when you need your savings as to what kind of deductible you should choose when getting car insurance for nannies.



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